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Welcome to the official website for Esu Kurasu's Music! I've been making electronic music since about 1999 and playing the piano for as long as I can remember.

In February of 2005 I became a member of a small community of artists and loop creators called Tapegerm which had a major impact on the quality of music I was able to produce.  I experimented and was introduced to sounds that I otherwise would've never encountered.  Since then, I've made plenty of songs ranging in a wide variety of styles from ambient to rock.

The name Esu Kurasu came from my sister, and translated it means "S Class".  Video games have had a heavy influence on my life and my music, and a popular ranking system in video games puts S Class at the top, above A.  To obtain S Class, it usually requires extra effort, time, practice, and skill to hone your abilities.  I put this effort in my music striving to become better in my craft.


Permillion Song

Permillion song takes you through a journey beginning with the ambient and relaxing title track, "Permillion Song" and ending with the buildup of emotion in the final track "Abandoned". This is Esu Kurasu's first full release that features many experimental sounds. With several downtempo songs such as Forgiveness and We're Only Humans (feat. Jean-Marie Romana) and more happy-go-lucky songs like Dancing Painted Trees there's likely to be something for everyone on this album. Sit back and enjoy the highs and lows that Esu Kurasu will take you on throughout this album.


Permillion. Is Esu Kurasu's EP release of four songs that is the predecessor to Permillion Song. Featuring Forgiveness, Its Like That, Flyby, and Stride this EP gives listeners a bite sized taste of what is to come in Permillion Song. At a full length of 12 minutes, this EP is easy to digest sample of what Esu Kurasu has to offer.


Adore//Abhor is a release of previously unreleased material from 2011 by Esu Kurasu. Featuring an eclectic mix of distorted pianos, drum and bass beats, and static this album will show you the roots of Esu Kurasu.

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